Insulate a Garage in 6 Steps

A DIY Guide to Insulating Your Entire Garage in One Day.

Clear the Walls

Seal Gaps and Cracks

Insulate the Ceiling

Install Fiberglass Insulation

Cover with Drywall

Insulate the Garage Door







How to Insulate a Garage in 6 Easy Step

✤ Remove tools and equipment from the walls  ✤ Clean up dirt and stud cavities

Step 1: Clear the Wall

✤ Shake expanding foam before use ✤ Attach straw, hold can upside down, and spray gaps 50% full. ✤ Allow 5-15 minutes to expand

Step 2: Seal Gaps and Crack

✤ Staple insulation to the sides of the studs. ✤ Use a piece of wood as a guide and cut insulation with a utility knife. ✤ Tuck and staple the insulation along the studs.

Step 3: Install Fiberglass Insulation

✤ Use coarse-thread screws and glue to attach drywall to studs. ✤ Space screws about 8 inches apart. ✤ Do not leave insulation paper exposed; it's a fire hazard.

Step 4: Cover with Drywall

✤ Use thicker R-40 insulation. ✤ Install rafter vents with a staple gun, spacing staples 8-10 inches apart. ✤ Cut insulation to fit between rafters, with the paper side facing down.

Step 5: Insulate the Ceiling

✤ Determine your door type: steel, wood frame-and-panel, or flat. ✤ Use flexible insulation or foam board based on the door type.

Step 6: Insulate the Garage Door