Cooling Sheet Price: What You Need to Know

Cooling Sheet Price: What You Need to Know
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If you think about why to invest in cooling sheets, we say think it over again. Cooling sheets are not just traditional roofing sheets that are used to cover roofs. Using a cooling roofing sheet has hundreds of benefits. Whether it is the cooling effect caused by these sheets or the regulation of temperature that makes you feel comfortable during extreme weather, all these properties will improve your overall living experience.

In this article, we will talk about different factors that affect cooling sheet price. We make you understand what are cooling sheets, the price range associated with them, popular bands and their prices, and from where you can buy cooling sheets. All this information will not only help you make a smart decision but also save you money on your next purchase.

What Are Cooling Sheets?

The cooling sheets are superior quality products that are specifically crafted to reflect away radiant heat and allow comfortable living inside a building. These sheets are best suitable for lowering energy utility costs and improving thermal efficiency. This material is the best fit for summers and warm climates as it offers efficient resistance against thermal heat and diminishes excessive energy consumption. The cooling sheets are made up of different materials like aluminum, steel, and a variety of polymers with functional qualities.

What makes cooling sheets so effective? The answer to this question lies in the technique used to manufacture these sheets. These materials are coated with specialized paints that make them resistant to ultraviolet rays (UV) and infrared radiation. Also, light color coating is specially used to make them more effective against radiant heat and sunlight. This is the reason why these sheets are effective in keeping away unwarranted heat from the interiors of a building and allowing comfortable temperatures.

The cooling sheets come with a variety of benefits. Whether tackling the heat island effect or saving on energy consumption, cooling sheets have done it all for you. In urban areas where summer heat causes excessive rise in temperature compared to rural areas, cooling sheets are the best option to opt for. By equipping buildings with roof cooling sheet the load on electrical appliances comes down significantly which also leads to energy savings. Also, these sheets offer sustainable and environment-friendly solutions for interior cooling requirements.

Factors Affecting Cooling Sheet Prices

Cooling Sheet Price
To make an informed decision it is essential to understand the factors affecting cooling sheet prices. If you understand these factors properly it will help you to stay within your budget and let you grab the best deal.

Key factors affecting cooling sheet Prices are:

1. Material Quality

The quality of materials is directly proportional to the price of cooling sheets. It means the higher the quality of a material used in manufacturing, the higher the price. Material like aluminum, steel, polymers, etc. Are known for their superior quality, reflective properties, moisture resistance, flexibility, and durability directly impact the price of the sheets.

The environment-friendly and sustainable material also has a significant say in the pricing. Sustainable quality cooling sheets often come at a premium price. Additionally, the manufacturing process not only impacts the price of the sheets but also their quality. The inclusion of sophisticated techniques makes the product costly.  

2. Thickness and Size


The thickness and size of cooling sheets are two important factors that cannot be ignored while determining the price. It is a universal fact that thicker sheets offer more durability, flexibility, resistance against sunlight and moisture, and better sound insulation when compared to thinner sheets. Large-size sheets cover a large surface area and save customers on installation time and effort.

These two factors significantly affect the price of the sheets, because a large quantity of raw material is required to manufacture these kinds of sheets. Also, manufacturing of the sheets comprises a complex process that contributes to their price.

3. Brand Reputation

The brand name has its worth. A reputed brand cooling sheets will cost you more than a local seller. You might get a competitive price from a local dealer but you have to compromise on the quality. With brand, reputation, assurance, and trust comes.

Brands follow high standards while manufacturing cooling sheets. Additionally, they offer clients on-time delivery assurance, customer support, and manufacturer warranties. All these services are missing in the case of local dealers.

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4. Special Features

Extensive research and the addition of special features in cooling sheets impact their pricing. A cooling sheet will cost you more if it is manufactured with state-of-the-art techniques and the addition of special features like air circulation, moisture absorption, and hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties.

Other features like unique patterns, customization, additional durability, specialized coating, and sustainability increase the price of a cooling sheet, making it more costly than other normal sheets available in the market.

Average Price Range of Cooling Sheets

There are a variety of options available in the market for customers to choose from. You can choose among budget, mid-range, and premium options according to your needs and budget. Each segment has its unique features, quality, and resistance level.

To find the perfect fit for your needs it is imperative to know about the average price range of cooling sheets and features associated with it.

1. Budget Options

Budget options are best suitable for those who are looking for quality products at a lower price. These cooling sheets are made up of good quality material and possess resistance against radiant heat. Budget option cooling sheets have a good amount of moisture absorption and thermal circulation properties. These sheets hold the right balance between affordability and comfort.

Price Range: INR 150 to 300 per square meter

2. Mid-Range Options

Mid-range cooling sheets are the product of superior quality natural materials like aluminum and steel. The use of these materials in the manufacturing process offers durability, moisture-resistance capabilities, and high reflective properties. Mid-range cooling sheets offer thermal cooling solutions to residential and industrial buildings. Also, these sheets come with environment-friendly certification and enhance flexibility.

Price Range: INR 300 to 600 per square meter

3. Premium Options

The result of sophisticated craftsmanship and high-quality materials like premium cooling sheets offer best-in-class resistance against radiant heat and moisture. These environment-friendly sheets are prepared with the help of intricate manufacturing techniques providing durability and longevity. The cooling sheets are best suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial units, making them worth buying for the ultimate interior temperature experience.  

Price Range: INR 600 to 1,500 per square meter

Popular Brands and Their Price Points

Brand Name Price Range (INR) Size (sq. Meter)
Neo Thermals Insulation 600 to 1,200 12×1
JSW Steel 450 to 900 12×1
Tata Bluescope Steel 500 to 1,000 12×1
Everest Industries 300 to 800 10×1
Hindalco Everlast 400 to 950 12×1

1. Neo Thermals

Neo Thermals provides the best-in-class cooling sheets for those who do not want to compromise with quality of the product. Cooling sheets with state-of-the-art radiant heat resistance techniques for extraordinary cooling effects and thermal efficient properties make these sheets the best product. Also, moisture resistance will keep your building safe.

2. JSW Steel

JSW Steel offers high-quality products for comfortable interior temperatures. The cooling sheets offered by them are the best in class with a high resistance against sunlight and corrosion. These sheets are known for their quality.

3. Tata BlueScope Steel

Tata Bluescope Steel is a leading manufacturer famous for providing sustainable and superior-quality products. The cooling sheets offered by it are not only durable but also provide a thermally efficient solution. It keeps you cool throughout the day.

Everest Industries

Everest Industries is famous for providing specialized insulation products. Their cooling sheets are crafted from strong and durable materials that offer optimal performance. 

Hindalco Everlast

A renowned name in home products, Hindalco Everlast offers high-quality cooling sheets known for their resistance, thickness, durability, and flexibility. These sheets are designed for comfortable interior temperatures.

Where to Buy Cooling Sheets

To buy cooling sheets you can either opt for online retailers or physical stores according to your need and convenience. Whether it is online retailers or physical shops each has its advantages and disadvantages.

To make the right choice between online retailers and physical stores, pay attention to these points:

Online Retailers

Online retailers provide you with a very different shopping experience. They offer you an opportunity to search for different products without leaving the comfort of your home. It is the online retailers that provide customers with thousands of brands in one place, making it easier for buyers to compare different products and their prices without much effort. Also, online platforms provide a variety of discounts and exclusive offers with easy return services to help you save your hard-earned money on products. Here, one can easily read reviews, collect in-depth information about the products, and check out thousands of deals without getting tired.

Physical Stores

There is a difference between seeing an object and feeling it. The physical stores allow you to feel the quality of cooling sheets before purchasing them. These physical stores employ expert and knowledgeable staff that help you understand about merits and demerits of a product thoroughly. Also, physical stores will offer you on-demand customization, specially curated customer service, on-time delivery, and warranty. The physical stores provide an environment of assurance because whenever you have any problem regarding your purchase you can physically meet them. For those who want to feel the touch and texture of cooling sheets, physical stores are the best place.


To get comfortable indoor temperatures, buyers must pay attention to different factors that affect the cooling sheet prices. Whether it is material quality, thickness, size, brand, or other special features, all these have an important say in determining cooling sheet price. To get the best out of cooling sheets customers must buy sheets with high thermal efficiency and moisture resistance, thoroughly follow installation techniques, and properly inspect the insulation area. For securing the optimum energy efficiency and lowering utility costs you can buy cooling sheets either from online retailers or physical stores, it depends on your comfort and needs. The right kind of cooling sheet will enhance your living experience several times, making it worth buying.


1. What Are the Best Materials for Cooling Sheets?

There are a variety of materials available that can be used for manufacturing cooling sheets. It is important properties like reflection of radiant heat away from the insulated surface, moisture resistance, and durability play an important role in determining the material. Aluminum, steel, polymers, etc. are some of the materials that are best fit for cooling sheets.

2. Do Higher-Priced Cooling Sheets Offer Better Performance?

Yes, premium-price cooling sheets will offer better performance than other cooling sheets. The excellent quality of the material used in their manufacturing offers them high thermal resistivity, moisture-resistance capabilities, and flexibility.

3. How Do I Care for My Cooling Sheets?

If you want your cooling sheets will stay long-lasting then regularly inspect them,  properly resolve if there is any wear and tear in the thickness of sheet sheets, and follow the installation guide thoroughly for the longevity of the sheets (you can take the help of professionals).

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