How can Roof Insulation Solution help to keep the heat In?

How can Roof Insulation Solution help to keep the heat In?
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The roof is one of the prime supporting structures of the building. So, if you are trying to implement an ultimate insulation solution, then, you must ensure that your roof is heat-proofed. Additionally, it must be sturdy as the roof stays exposed to harsh natural calamities. Colour coated sheets act as great insulation for your roof. Additionally, they add to the aesthetic look of your building and increase the lifespan of the roof. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the best Roof Insulation Solution for your building.

Types of heat insulation roof sheets:

Tiled heat insulation sheet
Corrugated heat resistant sheet
Troughed heat insulation sheet

Before we move on with the various types of roof sheets, we must discuss the advantages of Roof Insulation Solution:


These sheets are very durable. For instance, they will last up to 10 years without any form of maintenance. So, these sheets will help you to reduce all the unnecessary maintenance costs.


They are very flexible and can transform into various shapes. Thus, you have different customization options to enhance the look of the building. So, these sheets are the best choice for the renovation of old buildings.

Corrosion Resistant

Roof materials suffer from two types of corrosion: galvanic corrosion and crevice corrosion. So, Heat insulation sheets are made of aluminium to be completely corrosion resistant. Additionally, you can paint them to keep them isolated from parts of the building that might have already corroded. Moreover, corrosion can also occur when salt, sand, or dirt gets between the two layers of the roof sheet but the acrylic paint on heat insulation sheets prevent all these activities.

Thermal Insulation

The primary aim of this article is to find the best Roof Insulation Solution for any building. So, these sheets are one of the leading industrial insulation solutions. For instance, this sheet not only prevents heat loss from the building but also don’t allow excessive heat gain from the atmosphere. Additionally, they help to save your energy consumption bill as you don’t have to make up for any loss of heat energy. For example, these sheets can reduce up to 50% heat absorption during summers and up to 40% heat loss during winters.


These sheets come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Additionally, you have the choice to customize them according to your taste or building type. So, a colour-coated heat insulation sheet will help to uplift the aesthetic looks of your building.

Completely recyclable

These sheets are either made from aluminum or a special polymer that has high reusable abilities. Additionally, they are recyclable without any garbage production. So, they are very environment friendly and doesn’t harm the natural balance around us.

Other possibilities for a proper Roof Insulation Solution

Many people might consider heat insulation sheets to be a generic insulation solution. However, there is various other Roof Insulation Solution that is unique and gives good results. So, let us take a look at some other insulation solutions.

Shade the Roof

During the hot summer days, when the heat gets unbearable, a human looks for a shade under a tree or umbrella. This instinct justifies that if there is something to prevent direct contact of sunlight, then you can reduce the total heat absorption. So, if you can create shade above your building then you can increase the insulating abilities of it. Additionally, you can plant some trees on the roof to enable the absorption of heat. You can use the GI Sheet, Mangalore Tiles, or canvas for making the roof shade.

Top Insulation

This is a common insulation practice in cold areas. People cover the roof with flexible heat insulation layers that trap the heat inside the roof. Some other names for this type of insulation are blanket insulation or bat insulation. This insulation process uses materials such as animal hair, cotton, woollenfibre, etc. Moreover, the sheets are 12 to 80mm thick to ensure that they serve as an excellent heat absorption medium. The insulation process is useable for all types of roofs, and you can even customize the sheets to match the style of your building. Additionally, you can use these sheets for the walls of your building to ensure complete insulation of your house.

Inbuilt insulation

It is a modern insulation process. While the building is under construction, you can integrate the insulation process within the roof. You can do this by filling the entire roof with Hollow clay panels and lightweight foam concrete panels. This insulation process has three primary benefits. They are:

You can reduce the total consumption of the building as you will fill the mixture with insulating materials.

Due to less concrete, the overall weight of the building will be comparatively low. So, your building is safe against most natural disasters.

As the insulating material is present within the concrete, the insulation ability of the roof will increase drastically.
Another term for these insulating roofs is Filler slab roofs. So, this is great for Roof Insulation Solution.

Conclusive news on Roof Insulation Solution

Thermal insulation of a building is necessary to save the environment. For instance, if we can reduce the total heat emission from every building, we will be able to bring global warming under control. Moreover, you will save a lot of money that you have been wasting on your excess energy bills. Additionally, many governments recommend that buildings constructed before 1980 must get repaired with proper insulation process. It will help to reduce the average carbon footprint. Thus, we can conclude that a decent Roof Insulation Solution is very crucial for us and the environment.

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