10 Unconventional Facts About Insulation Services

10 Unconventional Facts About Insulation Services

Insulation service have become essential for every household. It helps to reduce excessive heat loss or gain. Thus, the house can maintain an ambient temperature throughout all the seasons. Insulation also comes as a helping hand in this era of excessive noise pollution. It reduces unnecessary noises from entering your house with the help of multi-layer protection. Other than the importance of insulation services, many fun facts about insulation are also overlooked. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 fun facts about insulation services.

Facts About Insulation Service

Dirt helps in insulation

In earlier times, people had no technological assistance. They had to rely on their wits for this job. In the middle ages, people used to stuff their houses with mud and straw to keep it warm in the winter season. A creative idea to survive the freezing winters.

Use of asbestos as an insulator

People often confuse asbestos to be a modern heat resistant insulating solution. But the first use of asbestos goes way back to ancient Greece. The term asbestos is derived from a Greek word that means ‘inextinguishable’ It was termed so because asbestos is a flammable material and once it catches fire, it is pretty much impossible to put out.

Better insulation helps in better health

As we discussed before, asbestos was an earlier solution to insulation. But later, it was discovered that asbestos had permanent harmful effects on the human lungs. So, there was an immediate need to replace it with a safer insulating material. Thus, fibreglass came into existence and it became a quick success. As a result, we use it today in all insulation service.

Thus, Fiberglass is one of several accidental inventions. Maybe if this accident hadn’t happened then we would be still using harmful asbestos for insulating services.

An insulation material invented by mistake

We discussed that fibreglass is a safer and better alternative to asbestos. But very few of us know that its invention was an accident. The credit for the invention of fiberglass goes to a young researcher named Dale Kleist. He did it by mistake when he was trying to make a vacuum-tight seal. But by mistake, two pieces of glass and a high-pressure jet of air completely shot through. As a result, there were formations of fiber and thus fibreglass came into existence.

R-values in insulation service

Very few of us know the unit for measuring insulation. R-value is the name of the unit to measure insulation. R-value signifies the resistance of a material to heat flow. Thus, the higher the R-value is, the better insulation the material provides. This unit will soon become a part of the standard metric system.

Un-insulated houses losing energy

Many people have no idea about the exact impact of insulation over a house’s energy consumption. Today an un-insulated house consumes almost 60% more energy. Thus it suffers almost 50% more energy loss through walls and attic. This hampers the overall energy consumption bill of the house drastically.

Clothing used as an insulator

Recycled insulation materials are quite famous in the present time. But how many of us know what these materials consist of? Recycled insulation materials are made of recycled denim, cotton cloths, pure sheep wool, or even plant cellulose. These are just a few of the many weird materials used for insulation.

Varieties in insulation service

People often misunderstand that insulation is only a one-step process and has no variety. But actually, insulation service have over 10 varieties. Such insulation services include insulation with the help of spray foam, blown fibreglass, injection foam, rigid barrier, cellulose, etc.

Funny names of insulation sheets

Insulation seems to be a serious business store. Many names of insulation parts are quite funny and aren’t much relevant. For instance, a huge sheet of fibreglass insulation is known as a ‘batt.’ This is one of the many funny terms that are used in this industry.

Colouring insulation material for better results

Many people simply install insulation material and think that it’s all they need to do to save energy. But very few realize that coloring the sheets will improve the insulation capacity. A dark color will help it to absorb more heat and increase the insulating ability. On the other hand, a lighter color will help it to reflect a lot of heat and maintain a low temperature.

So, from this article, we can easily conclude that insulation is a must-have for all houses. Many governments have made it mandatory for new construction. Before 1980, it was not required to insulate houses. So, the building from that era seems to consume or emit more heat than normal. Therefore, it is a great idea to renovate all old houses with insulating materials. Insulating services are very affordable and don’t drain you by any means. They are available both offline and online. And, the companies also provide excellent after-sales support.

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