The Importance of Insulation in Poultry Housing

The Importance of Insulation in Poultry Housing
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Do you have a poultry farm or planning a new one? Make sure you follow the chief guidelines and plan an organized poultry farm insulation. Wondering why insulating poultry houses proves beneficial? Let’s find out.

Poultry and Its Roots

Poultry is the method of raising the domestic bird for their eggs and meats. These birds can be chicken, geese, ducks, turkey, etc. The practice of poultry farming is conducted for several years and is an integral part of the farming and agriculture system in India. Poultry farming techniques have a whole new science that is evolving every day. India has a large consumption of eggs and meat. Therefore, India ranked third in egg production and fifth in chicken meat production in the world. The science of agriculture and poultry farming is introducing new methods and techniques to enhance the productivity of the business.  The eggs are a good source of protein and are considered as mandatory breakfast in most of the metro cities in India.

Rearing birds for eggs is called layers and raising them for meat is called broilers. Both, layer, and broiler are part of poultry farming. Many factors should be kept in mind before starting a poultry farm such as the breed of bird, type of temperature they need, type food available in the market for feeding, types of vaccinations (if required), etc. Out of all these, one basic and most important need is to create a healthy environment and temperature so that they do not face any inconvenience while laying the eggs and performing activity.

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Benefits of Poultry Farm Insulation

Poultry farm insulation is the method to cover the habitats of layers and broilers to maintain the temperature. Why is it important?

Maintains the Temperature

The body temperature of the chicken is expected to be 106-degree Fahrenheit (41-degree Celsius). The temperature depends on the type of production for which chickens are raised. It is essential for all the birds, especially egg laying birds to be kept in an environment where they can facilitate with enough temperature. The correct temperature helps the birds to make their internal system work well which results in laying good eggs. The insulated shed helps to maintain the temperature of the birdhouse.

Protection from UV Rays

Global warming is increasing rapidly which is resulting in depletion of the ozone layer. Due to the poor shield of the ozone layer, harmful Ultra voile trays are directly reflecting on earth. These UV rays can cause skin diseases and many other hazardous body problems. The bird shelter should be insulated to prevent them from these harmful rays. The water consumption by the birds should be well purified. Therefore, an insulated water tank jacket is suggested to wrap around the water tank to protect the tank from UV rays and other harmful pollutants.

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Disease Management

The biggest problem that occurs in poultry farm management is the disease in the birds. If any of the birds gets any disease, it will quickly spread among other birds. The main source of any disease can be caused by interaction with rodents, insects and other unwanted flies. The shelter should be insect-proof so that the birds stay healthy.  It is important to protect the roof and other parts of shelter from rodents, insects and other unwanted flies. The insulation on roofs and walls will prevent the rodent and flies from entering the shelter. Like this, there are fewer chances of spreading any type of influenza among the birds.

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Protects from Climate Change

These little creatures are yielding at large numbers. It is important to protect them from the chaotic area, heavy rain, storms, excess of cold and hot weather. If insulation is done efficiently then not a single drop of rainwater can enter the birdhouse. The insulation roofs and walls stand solid in rigid weather and promise to guard the birds from any weather condition.


The water tank covers are easy to install and are ideal for poultry farming. Poultry farm insulation materials are leak-proof and are last in all weather conditions. Insulation poultry house help the animals and birds to stay healthy by protecting them, for various problems. The insulation is suitable for all types of domestic rearing and breeding shelters. After all, the animals and birds give you the output only if you take care of them by proving the best care of their hygiene. Make the insulation installed in your poultry farm today and boost your business productivity.

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