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Specifications of insulation material from a premium Poultry Farm Insulation Manufacturer

The flock inside poultry needs a controlled temperature so that it can grow and breed properly. Thus, when winter hits, you have to invest a massive amount of money to keep your poultry warm. However, you can reduce the heating cost with a proper poultry farm insulation. A premium Poultry Farm Insulation Manufacturer will help you find the best insulation material for your farm. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the basic specifications of a poultry farm insulation material.

Primary reasons for Poultry farm insulation

Artificial heating includes the use of gases like propane, butane, etc. to generate heat. These gases are expensive, and their price keeps increasing every year. Moreover, these gases come with serious side effects. For instance, the flock might stop growing or have less food consumption due to the influence of these gases. So, a good breeder must focus on various ways to trap the natural heat instead of trying to produce artificial heat. Now, let us take a look at some of the best insulation materials from a premium Poultry Farm Insulation Manufacturer.

Specification of insulation material from a well maintained Poultry Farm Insulation Manufacturer

Neo insulated Sheets

Neo is one of the market leaders in Insulation services. It is an excellent insulation material as it contains double layers of fire-resistant polyurethane foam. Additionally, it has multiple layers of the waterproof coating so that it can tolerate rough weather. So, this material can prevent the downward heat flow and can control up to 97% of heat loss.


  • It is capable of creating a natural environment within the room.
  • This material can retain the natural temperature and reduce energy consumption. So, it is one of the best materials to reduce global warming.
  • It isolates the room from all types of unwanted noise.

Neo Double heat Insulation material

It is an excellent insulation material due to its unique heat absorption system. Here, the manufacturer creates an air vacuum by putting several tiny air bubbles in between the two layers of aluminium foil. Thus, it can prevent all forms of heat transfer, and there is no loss of heat.


  • The outer material is a reflective surface. Thus, it can keep your flock cool during the hot summer days.
  • It can contain a lot of heat. Thus, you don’t need to waste hundreds of dollars on your heating costs.

Factory shades Insulation

As the name suggests, this material aims to implement the heavy-duty insulation process into a poultry farm. It is well-tested and uses the latest insulation technology. Additionally, it is a very affordable product, as it tries to aim towards the smaller poultry farms.


  • It is a clean, thin, and single-layer insulation to avoid all forms of complexities.
  • It provides an exceptional amount of safety, insulation, and environmental care.
  • This material doesn’t require any form of maintenance.
  • It is highly efficient and is very easy to install in all the poultry farms.

Neo Single Plus Insulation sheet

Neo is a very reputed Poultry Farm Insulation Manufacturer. This Thermo reflective material is an example of the massive evolution in the poultry farm insulation industry. The surface of this material can reflect the heat and spread it evenly throughout the room. Additionally, the outer surface can reflect the excess heat during the hot summer days to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the room.


  • Maintains a clean and hygienic environment in the poultry farm.
  • It is made of recyclable material. Thus, while using this material, you will produce no waste product that can harm the environment. So, you will be contributing towards making the earth healthier for the future generation.

Moisture resistant flexible Insulation material

Breeding involves keeping many chicks within a single area. So, when you have so many living things in a room, moisture contamination is a massive risk. So, Insulation Manufacturers created this brilliant material that completely abolishes this risk. Additionally, it is resistant to all forms of chemicals to prevent any contamination from the flock feeds. It is made from the finest material and has the best finished look.


  • The reflective qualities of this material help it to survive the extreme weather conditions.
  • This material is 100% recyclable. Thus, it puts no extra burden on the environment.


Poultry farm insulation is a very important process. It is necessary if you want to make a profit in this business. For example, you won’t make any profit if you waste thousands on heating the farm. So, we can conclude that you must get your farm insulated by a Poultry Farm Insulation Manufacturer. It will insulate your farm and create a naturally warm atmosphere inside it. This will not only help your flock to breed naturally but also help in saving a lot of money that you have been wasting on heating the farm artificially.

Smart Ways to Reduce Heat Generation Cost for Poultry Farm Insulation

When winter hits, the cost to keep the poultry farm warm starts to rise. As we all know, the outside temperature isn’t under our control. However, we can control the state of the poultry and its heat generation methods. Various ways can help us to create Poultry Farm Insulation and reduce the cost of artificial heat generation during the cold winter days. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most useful ways to create Poultry Farm Insulation.

Reasons for Poultry Farm Insulation

While using an artificial heating technique, you have to use electric, propane, natural gas, or some other method. These gases aren’t cheap as their costs keep rising every year. These artificial processes promise to keep your flock healthy and growing during the winter season, although they fail to deliver at times. Additionally, your flock might stop breeding due to lower temperatures and lower feed consumption. However, you can control this by reducing gas usage and focusing on the environment of the poultry. For instance, if you can manage to trap the heat inside the poultry naturally, you will not only save a lot of money but also increase the health of your flock.

Many breeding experts have stated that most baby chicks die from cold instead of illness, dehydration, or lack of food. Even a few degrees lower temperatures might prove crucial for the overall breeding capacity of your poultry. For instance, the ideal temperature is 90°F for breeding even if it drops to even 85°F, you will lose quite a few of your baby chicks.

So, a good breeder needs to focus on trapping the natural heat instead of trying to produce that artificially. Various ways might help in this process. The two best ways to cut the cost without affecting the health of your flocks are:

Make your poultry more energy efficient
Change your sources for heat generation

Now, let us take a look at the six best ways for natural Poultry Farm Insulation.

1. Close the building- seal all air leaks and doors

Any type of crack in the walls or roof can cause massive heat loss. During winters, the average temperature outside is 40° F. So, if you are trying to maintain 90 degrees inside the poultry then, you need to avoid any possible ways of massive heat loss. Artificial heat generation is a costly process in itself, it becomes harder if the air keeps escaping through the cracks. You can reduce most of these costs with the help of the proper maintenance of your poultry and using thermal insulation material sheets. For instance, you should spend some money and time to check.

2. Try to isolate your younger flock in a smaller area for the first couple of weeks during the wintertime

The new-born chicks need a lot of heat, but they don’t need that much space. It is advisable to isolate the new-borns in a smaller area completely covered with blankets for better insulation. They must be kept in that area for the first couple of weeks of winter and then can be shifted with the rest of the flock.

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3. Try to produce your energy with the help of solar power generator

Energy charges are very high when it comes to using them for producing for an entire season. So, it would be helpful if you could find alternative sources of energy, especially from renewable ones. For instance, solar energy is a very viable option for this category. Since you are considering this option for use in poultry farm then it is safe to assume that you already own a large open area. So, you have a perfect setup for solar energy production. This process might seem expensive during the initial installation but will be saving a lot more in the coming years. So solar energy is a very important part of Poultry Farm Insulation

4. Try to recirculate the warmer air from the exhaust

Approximately 80% of the cost involves replacing the warm air with fresh cold air. However, there is a new waste management system that transfers the heat from the air in the exhaust to the fresh cold air inside the poultry. Research suggests that this system can reduce your heating bills by 50%. and many farmers from the middle west have already deployed it.

5. Increase the insulation in the building

According to a study, the heating cost is very high for a regular poultry house compared to an insulated one. So, it is necessary to ensure that your farm has the proper insulation to trap most of the heat inside it. In that way, you will have less heat loss and will have to produce less heat. Insulation charges might seem expensive, but it is a one-time investment. However, if you don’t have proper insulation, your energy bill will keep increasing over time.

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6. Clean the fans inside the poultry

Dirty fans need more energy to spin. So, if you have dirty fans, the ventilation process of your poultry will be consuming a lot of energy along with your energy production charges. You can reduce a lot of this cost by deploying a proper cleaning mechanism. For instance, you can clean the fans of your building to help them spin properly. In winter months, you can use the fans inside the poultry to disperse the heat. So, if you can keep your fans clean, you will be saving a lot of money involved in heat dispersion.


Poultry insulation is vital for controlling the heat loss from your flock farm. For instance, even if you are making a profit, you won’t feel it as you would be losing a lot more in Poultry Farm Insulation. The insulation process for poultry is generally a one-time investment, that will promote savings continuously over the years. Additionally, you have to remember that the average temperature varies from region to region. So, consider the region you are in and contact the best poultry farm insulation manufacturer before working on any form of Poultry Farm Insulation. Lastly, we can conclude that proper insulation is very necessary to have a functioning farm and also save the flock that will be residing in it.

The Importance of Insulation in Poultry Housing

Do you have a poultry farm or planning a new one? Make sure you follow the chief guidelines and plan an organized poultry farm insulation. Wondering why insulating poultry houses proves beneficial? Let’s find out.

Poultry and Its Roots

Poultry is the method of raising the domestic bird for their eggs and meats. These birds can be chicken, geese, ducks, turkey, etc. The practice of poultry farming is conducted for several years and is an integral part of the farming and agriculture system in India. Poultry farming techniques have a whole new science that is evolving every day. India has a large consumption of eggs and meat. Therefore, India ranked third in egg production and fifth in chicken meat production in the world. The science of agriculture and poultry farming is introducing new methods and techniques to enhance the productivity of the business.  The eggs are a good source of protein and are considered as mandatory breakfast in most of the metro cities in India.

Rearing birds for eggs is called layers and raising them for meat is called broilers. Both, layer, and broiler are part of poultry farming. Many factors should be kept in mind before starting a poultry farm such as the breed of bird, type of temperature they need, type food available in the market for feeding, types of vaccinations (if required), etc. Out of all these, one basic and most important need is to create a healthy environment and temperature so that they do not face any inconvenience while laying the eggs and performing activity.

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Benefits of Poultry Farm Insulation

Poultry farm insulation is the method to cover the habitats of layers and broilers to maintain the temperature. Why is it important?

Maintains the Temperature

The body temperature of the chicken is expected to be 106-degree Fahrenheit (41-degree Celsius). The temperature depends on the type of production for which chickens are raised. It is essential for all the birds, especially egg laying birds to be kept in an environment where they can facilitate with enough temperature. The correct temperature helps the birds to make their internal system work well which results in laying good eggs. The insulated shed helps to maintain the temperature of the birdhouse.

Protection from UV Rays

Global warming is increasing rapidly which is resulting in depletion of the ozone layer. Due to the poor shield of the ozone layer, harmful Ultra voile trays are directly reflecting on earth. These UV rays can cause skin diseases and many other hazardous body problems. The bird shelter should be insulated to prevent them from these harmful rays. The water consumption by the birds should be well purified. Therefore, an insulated water tank jacket is suggested to wrap around the water tank to protect the tank from UV rays and other harmful pollutants.

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Disease Management

The biggest problem that occurs in poultry farm management is the disease in the birds. If any of the birds gets any disease, it will quickly spread among other birds. The main source of any disease can be caused by interaction with rodents, insects and other unwanted flies. The shelter should be insect-proof so that the birds stay healthy.  It is important to protect the roof and other parts of shelter from rodents, insects and other unwanted flies. The insulation on roofs and walls will prevent the rodent and flies from entering the shelter. Like this, there are fewer chances of spreading any type of influenza among the birds.

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Protects from Climate Change

These little creatures are yielding at large numbers. It is important to protect them from the chaotic area, heavy rain, storms, excess of cold and hot weather. If insulation is done efficiently then not a single drop of rainwater can enter the birdhouse. The insulation roofs and walls stand solid in rigid weather and promise to guard the birds from any weather condition.


The water tank covers are easy to install and are ideal for poultry farming. Poultry farm insulation materials are leak-proof and are last in all weather conditions. Insulation poultry house help the animals and birds to stay healthy by protecting them, for various problems. The insulation is suitable for all types of domestic rearing and breeding shelters. After all, the animals and birds give you the output only if you take care of them by proving the best care of their hygiene. Make the insulation installed in your poultry farm today and boost your business productivity.

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