Why Is Neo Premium Plus the Best Solution for Home Insulation?

Why Is Neo Premium Plus the Best Solution for Home Insulation?
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You might have heard about the term thermal insulation but ever wondered what it is? Thermal insulation is a modern technology that helps reduce the consumption of energy in buildings. Thermal insulation creates a building envelope which prevents loss or gain of heat. It is a type of a construction material which generally has thermal conductivity 0.1 W/mk or even lesser. The main job of a thermal insulator is to save energy and provide comfort to people. These are often used on the walls, floors and roof of the building.

Neo Premium Plus is a thermal insulator which is made up of a high resistance foil. It also has anti-corrosion properties which makes it an ultimate thermal insulation solution.

Product Options Provided by Neo Thermal Insulation

We also have a wide variety of insulation options available that you can choose from. Some of our products are:

● Neo single
● Neo Single Plus
● Neo Double
● Neo Double Plus
● Neo Premium
● Neo Premium Plus
● Neo Triple Advance
● Neo superior
● Neo Reflective Foil tape

Neo Premium Plus is one of the best insulation options that we provide. Its features make it one of the best insulation options in India. Its premium quality, high resilience, and anti-corrosive features attract customers. It is the home insulation solution that you should go for right away but before moving into anything else, let us know why home insulation is essential.

Why Is Home Insulation Essential?

Home insulation is a perfect way to save energy. Yes, I am not talking about installing expensive solar panels or heat pumps to save energy. Simple insulation can help you save a lot of money. If you feel that you have been getting massive electricity bills, you should consider getting home insulation done. Home insulation controls the flow of air moving in and out of your house, thus acting as a thermal resistor. Insulation is one of the most efficient ways to save electricity bills. It will keep your home cold during the summer seasons and warm during the winter season. Hence your consumption of AC during summers and heaters during winters will reduce a lot. Therefore, you can save your valuable money.

There are other perks of home insulation, too, like it reduces outdoor moisture and noise. It also decreases the possibility of ice dam formation. With so many benefits, you should indeed consider installing a home insulation system. If you are still not sure about that, then go through this article. We have attempted to provide detailed information to help you make an informed choice.

Reasons Why Neo Premium Plus Is the Best Home Insulation Solution

The all-new Neo Premium Plus is manufactured from a non-corrosive, high resistance, and defective foil. On both sides of the foil is a non-toxic closed cell fiber with extra thickness. There are also two layers of air bubbles present in between the foil. Here are a few reasons that make Neo Premium Plus the best insulation option available in the market:

Non-corrosive Foil

Corrosion in the insulation system has evolved as a familiar yet notorious problem, leading to cracks and damaging insulation. This problem usually occurs in places with high humidity or during the rainy season. Why will you want to invest in an insulation foil that will ultimately damage? It is the reason we have come up with a non-corrosive feature in the neo-Premium Plus. It is done using modern technology, which will protect the insulation system from corrosion even during the rainy season.


Neo Premium Plus insulation foil has several benefits. It comes with a thickness of 20mm and is the thickest foil that we manufacture. The thickness of our other sheet ranges from 4mm to 12 mm. A thicker insulation sheet will always provide more protection to your building than a comparatively thinner sheet.


An insulation sheet with good reflectivity has a lot of benefits. During summers, it will reflect heat from your building, thereby keeping your house cool. During winters, it reflects the heat in the direction of your office or home, thereby keeping your house warm. This feature of a Reflective insulation sheet will reduce your electricity bills drastically.

Therefore it is vital to go for an excellent Reflectivity insulation sheet. It is better than Neo Premium Plus, which has a reflectivity percentage of 97.

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Operating Temperature

Make sure the insulation foil you select operates in the temperature conditions of your area. There is no use investing in an insulation foil that cannot handle your area’s weather conditions and temperature. Neo Premium Plus has a wide operating temperature range. It can comfortably operate in temperatures ranging from – 40 degrees to 90 degrees. Thus, this insulation sheet will work in Kashmir as well as Rajasthan!

Air Bubble Thermal Insulation

The Neo Premium Plus comes with a layer of air bubbles in between, making it an excellent insulator. The air in the air bubbles acts as a cheap and natural insulator. It also acts as a radiant barrier. And a radiant barrier reduces the transfer of heat by radiation.

Other Great Features of Neo Premium Plus Are

● Emissivity is of 3%
● R-value of 3.80 m 2 degree C/W.
● Standard roll width of 1.25 meters.
● Fire Retardant(BS 406 PART 6, PART 7)-Class 0-1
● It has been designed keeping in mind the hot Indian sun.
● Experts test the product.
● It also comes with a warranty to make your investment risk free.

Final Words

At Neo Thermal Insulation, we use the latest insulation technology to present the country’s best insulation options. Our every product is of high quality. Also, we strictly supervise our products at the time of manufacturing. We have used the latest technology to design and manufacture our neo premium plus. Our experts have tried to solve the issues faced by obsolete insulation options by using the world’s best insulation technology. Do not miss the experience of our top-notch services and make your office or home insulated.

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