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Step by Step Buying Guide of Colour Coated Roofing Sheet

A home is considered to be the most sacred place for any individual. That’s why we are so emotionally attached to it. We put a lot of effort into building our homes. We make sure that everything is handpicked and beautifully curated so that a house finally gets a soul to be transformed into a lovely home.

Everything matches so perfectly that it makes the whole view simply mesmerizing. The curtains match perfectly with the wallpaper, the wallpaper synchronizes perfectly with the dressing table, and the sofa set goes perfectly with the curtains. Everything looks picture perfect except for one thing, i.e., The Roof. We all must have noticed this fact that when it comes to roofs of your homes, they are generally boring, dull, and grey.

Not only homes but other structures such as commercial buildings, warehouses, office premises, or Gyms; they are almost the same and boring as far as roofs are concerned.

But hey! You can decorate your roof and customize it accordingly to make it more appealing and beautiful. In this era where the manufacturers are producing goods keeping in mind the demand of customers. Now, you have an advantage which the previous generation hasn’t. No matter if it is your home, your office, your warehouse, or your fitness center, in today’s scenario, you can decorate the roof of your building and style it with colour coated roofing sheets.

But how and where you can buy these colour coated roofing sheets? In this step by step buying guide, you will get answers to all your queries, so here we go!

Different forms of roofing sheets

The first step you need to know in order to buy colour coated roofing sheets is the knowledge of the various forms of roofing sheets. They are commonly available in three different forms – corrugated, troughed, and tiled. These sheets usually come along with compatible washers with self-drilling and self-tapping screws. As far as the variety is concerned, they can be metallic and non-metallic.

Metallic Sheets

Metallic sheets are mostly galvanized having colour coats on both surfaces. Hot dipped galvanized steel is usually the base material and the steel can either be cold rolled or hot rolled. These sheets are coated with metal alloys like Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, and Tin. Further, both sides of the sheets are treated exclusively with pigmented coats.

The Science behind Colour Coating

Usually, the colour coating consists of two coats – the base coat and the topcoat. They are of various types and thicknesses and can be applied as per the style or requirements. A 6-micron thick epoxy primer coat is a good example of a base coat, whereas a 20-micron thick polyester coat can be a good example of top or the finish coat. The thickness of the base coat can vary from 18 to 20 micron and for the top-coat, it can go up to 50 microns.

There are commonly three paints that are used for colouring these sheets and they are – Poly Vinyldene Flouride (PVDF), Silicone Modified Polyesters (SMP), and Regular Modified Polyesters (RMP). Apart from residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, the application of these roofing sheets can also be done in resorts, hotels, farmhouses, sports complexes, and so on.

As far as the durability is concerned, these sheets can withstand high winds hail, snow, torrential rains, and fire. They generally don’t rot, break, crack, or split easily. These metal roofing panels are also resistant to attacks by insects and pests.

Cost: The cost of metal roofing sheets in India vary in between 250 per square meter and 350 per square meter.

Non – Metallic coated roofing sheets

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

In this non-metallic category, polycarbonate roofing sheets is a good example which is often UV coated on both the surfaces. These non-metallic thermoplastic sheets are considered better than fiberglass as they are multiple times stronger than ordinary glass. When we talk about features, apart from being transparent, they are also lightweight and thus easy to install. The structures where these coloured polycarbonate sheets are used are namely industrial skylights, greenhouses, multiplexes, shopping centers, patios, courtyards, etc. for providing daylight solutions apart from adding to their aesthetics.

Cost: When we talk about the cost element, the price of polycarbonate roofing sheets varies between the ranges of Rs. 800 per square meter to Rs.1500 per square meter in India.

Plastic Roofing Sheets

These sheets are not very popular for roofing material in most places in the country. This is due to the durability factor as they are primarily used as garden sheds or for covering structures that are temporary. The price of the plastic sheet is directly proportional to the quality of the plastic. Therefore, the overall installation cost increases depending upon the quality of plastic.

Cost: The prices of plastic roofing sheets in India generally vary between the range of Rs. 500 per square meter to Rs. 1000 per square meter.

Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets feature repetitive folds on their surface and they are mostly used in Agricultural Buildings. Their unique shape makes them more reliable and strong. It is due to their corrugated design with ridges and grooves. The special corrugated shape of these sheets is an advantage that lightweight metals like aluminum can also be equipped with them to safeguard the structure from different forms of weather. Due to the increasing pollution level, there has to be a maintenance in every 5 to 10 years. Their durability and eco-friendliness make them an ideal choice when it comes to protecting garages, porches, and sheds.

Features of Corrugated Sheets

  • The base material for various types of corrugated sheets including the ones coated with polyester paint and protected by PVC plastisol coated roof sheets is Galvanized Steel.
  • These sheets are mostly used in Agricultural structures as they are cost-efficient and have a comparatively larger life span.
  • Durability is the primary feature of PVC Plastisol coated corrugated sheets. They are steel sheets coated with primer paint and PVC rolled on their sides. Lastly, their life span lasts long up to 30 years and they don’t scratch or fade easily.

Cost: The price range of regular corrugated sheets in India is generally between Rs. 250 per square meter to Rs. 500 per square meter.

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